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lost_in_navir's Journal

Lost In Navir
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adventure, airships, annoying ogre magi, autok, bringiven, changelings, chelmsford, confusion, crocodiles, d&d, d20, day of mourning, dinosaur wrangling, dinosaurs, dol semprus, dol trakan, dragon gates, dragonmarked houses, dragonmarks, drawing veils, dwarf food ftw, dwarves, eberron, elves, enamel kingdoms, exploration, general mayhem, gladiatorial contests, gnome empire, gnomes, goddamn spectral deinonychuses, going home, groms, half-elves, half-orcs, halflings, harbingers, hobgoblin slavers in airships, humans, inexplicable third-storey oceans, irrasha, karduire, learning zilspra, lightning rail, longneck warriors, looking for artificers, magic, mark making the tea, misplaced luggage, morngrave university, motherport, navir, orcs, pirates, pretty-pretty-pretty elves, reptiles, scijaarn, shifters, skrang, staying out of ziggurats, the mournland, travel, vampire slaying, warforged, weird ecosystems