Stevy (ankaret) wrote in lost_in_navir,

Moving this community?

I've been increasingly annoyed lately by Livejournal's behaviour - in particular, their odd habit of fiddling around with outgoing links from LJ posts - and am planning on moving to Dreamwidth and only using my LJ account to read friends' posts. I'd like to also move the Lost In Navir community and would appreciate your thoughts.

I find it *much* easier having a community rather than dealing with things like 'game is on / off' or 'which of these avenues would you like to pursue, plz give me some idea so that I know what to prep' by email, but I know some of you barely use LJ as it is and that it would be an annoyance for you to have to set up an account on a whole new blogging platform.


Also, please remember to level up and check any nonstandard feats / spells / whatever that you want with me before next month's game! :)


(Also sent by email)
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