Stevy (ankaret) wrote in lost_in_navir,

Game on the 12th

Game on the 12th will start at 1pm, as we'll be finishing early due to the Warhammer Social. Those not going to the Warhammer Social are very welcome to stay and have our own social here. :)
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Sounds good. Ben is with his mother that weekend so just me for the socializing.
Darn, I was relying on him for Henry-amusing purposes. :)

Teresa's going to the social, right? She's very welcome if not.
Not sure how Saturday will play out. At some point I will need to get dressed for Warhammer social. I don't even recall what time it starts. I was contemplating what the most direct route from our house to yours is other than car. I don't think there is a bus. pooh.
No, you pretty much have to change buses in Broadmead - if you walk or get whatever bus you usually get to Broadmead, then get the number 70 from the Haymarket, that will take you to a few yards from my door.
I thought you were going to the Warhammer Social...?
Sounds good to me as well. Much more fun than a Warhammer Social ;)