Aramis (sciolist) wrote in lost_in_navir,

Reminders for next time

Do we want to volunteer information to Colonel Morgrus of the Dark Lanterns? If so, what? Possibilities include:
- Singh the Immense is a big meanie head. Maybe he wants to kill Jaik for Holtese reasons
- We're from Chelmsford and we want to build a dragon gate
- Yes, we did actually make a deal with the Autok Regent and the escape was a bit fishy.

Other things to do -
Go visit Lizetta again? Probably best not to.
Buy stuff? No money.
Gen up on demons?
Organize a duel between Jaik and Singh. Place bets.
Check to see if any of the adventuring parties of 50 years ago have members in the City - How did they get into Ashtekala?
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