Aramis (sciolist) wrote in lost_in_navir,

Last week

We were heroic versus the Trials of flesh, bone and spirit.
Zack turned into a lizard.
We broke (and then repaired) a centuries-old magical antique of great loveliness.

We chose to let ourselves get kidnapped by the Autok.

Things to consider.

- We should arrange some sorts of innocuous codeword signals for a few things - like 'Shut up, stop talking about that!' 'Come with me somewhere secluded, we need to talk' 'Regroup, we are Leaving. Now.' etc.
We should probably not split up to minimise the risk of us not noticing someone being psionically tampered with.

- Exit strategy. Assuming that Zack isn't dimensional anchored, what's the fastest turnaround we can have to get Everyone out to Scijarn (or A.N.Other 'safe' location)? How much time do we need unmolested to action this plan?

- Party Direction. What's Cutter Drago going to pitch to us? He's got us here, but what things do we care about enough to agree on. What do we disagree on, but wil stil work together to forward. What's anathema to us? The Autok Regency is possibly the most hostile place we've been to yet. We would benefit as a party from a united front, and we've had a couple weeks on an airship to sort one out. I'd suggest picking a leader or 2 who we will back their play, regardless during a 'scene' and ask questions later. Carl will happily suggest Laura as a level-headed, moral and reliable choice.

- Toughness. The party, and the individuals within it are on the low end of legendary heroes now. Laura registers as a significant Good Aura by virtue of her Harbinger cleric connection. Drenak could stand on the steps of amber and hold it against almost limitless spudly hordes trying to get past. Jaik could fight his way through a stairway of spuds, with likely very little damage.
- With momentum, and commitment, we could very well hack, shoot and skewer our way through 200 Level 3-5 fighters, killing about 2-3 a round each for the physical combatants Z,P,J - and Zack can do heaven knows what with various area-effect stuff. Being surrounded by a small army is frightening for our 21st century personae but for the tactical heads of Drenak, Pietra and Jaik who have nearly full BAB progression - that's just a dangerous but copable situation to be managed. Most troops start to suffer morale issues when they realise they're being slaughtered, Holt's finest notwithstanding.

Anything else for comment?
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